Privacy Pod on FutureX

Privacy Pod

A journalist gives an interview to a popular podcaster and then disappears, leaving behind a stack of audio cassettes that tell the story of a social media conspiracy. Ten-episode serial drama based on true crime cases.


What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

Comedy-driven panel discussion of futurist thinking featuring our FutureX producers riffing on the future, current events. We chat about the online disaster of the week and build out the worst case scenario. How does it portend for the future? Is this week’s disaster simply a disaster or a leading indicator? 15-minutes each episode. 10-episode season.

Photo by Miguel Bruna from Unsplash


A Latinx superhero podcast set five decades in the future. It is 2069. A Nuevo Conquistador and his powerful partner Marina have conquered what was once South and Central America and are moving to create a new empire. Only Adela, a warrior superhero who embodies the spirit and history of the Soldaderas, can stop them. Ten-episode serial drama.

Surrender on FutureX


A web of secret projects, a presidential assassination attempt, and the ongoing mastery of machines over people. Surrender tracks the story of the heroic battle to stop machine control. Ten-episode serial drama.