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A community of podcasters


FutureX helps you build your podcast network online and IRL. Sponsors want to connect with audiences. By leveraging our network strength in numbers we can offer sponsors a large audience of inquisitive, motivated listeners who want to change the future. You can join FutureX for free.

A futurist podcast collective


Join the network and receive a presence on our web pages with a logo, description of your show, and a click-through to listen. We will help with pitch materials for sponsors. Become part of our events, like the Outlier Podcast Festivals in Austin, Denver, and Los Angeles.

Podcast producers support each other


Let’s climb this mountain together. We will help you find the audience you deserve and provide production assistance when appropriate. Whether you have a show already produced and are looking to launch Season 2, or you are a host with a concept, get in touch. We can help.


FutureX membership comes in two levels.

Free Membership. We call this a Basic Membership. It gets you representation in the network. You’ll receive a presence on our website. When we see sponsor opportunities for you we will prepare pitch materials for sponsors with your approval. You’ll be eligible to become a speaker or panelist at FutureX events. When revenue is received from sponsors, you get 70% and the network gets 30%.

Paid Membership is $600. With a Paid Membership you get more. We call this a Producing Membership. For a $600 annual fee, Producing Members receive all the benefits of a Basic Membership: A presence on our site, pitch materials when we see opportunities, and eligibility to become a speaker or panelist at our events. You’ll also have your FutureX podcast hosted on Art19, joining the big leagues of podcast hosting and promotion. You will also receive production assistance from Lee Schneider to help develop your FutureX podcast from concept to production. If we see sponsor opportunities for you as a Producing Member, we may produce a trailer for your show with your approval. When revenue is received from Sponsors, you get 70% and the network gets 30%.

We are selective.

We want the best of the best for the network. If what you see here resonates with you let’s see if we’re a good fit. Book some time for a Zoom conference.

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